I get many similar questions from time to time, so I thought I’d start a page where I can direct people to them. To be honest, most of these were posts first, but it was getting tiring to repeatedly search for them to answer their questions… so I put them all in one place. Hopefully, I’ll add to this as time goes on.

Last updated: 1/10/14


What advice do you have for a beginner into bondage?

In terms of what equipment to buy, take a look at this great post that I borrowed from Dick Cash. He really breaks down some basic gear and explains why it’s so versatile.

In terms of bondage techniques, there’s a great website called Twisted Monk that has an entire free section of video demonstrations of various bondage ties. It’s where I learned to make a body harness! You will have to put up with a few female (clothed) models, but sometimes we have to sacrifice in the name of education. 🙂 Below is their example of the very commonly used 2 column tie:

They have many more videos available, and it makes for some very fun browsing. you can find other various ties on YouTube as well. Just try your luck. Lately, I’ve discovered a couple of cool technique videos from BoundJocks. There’s another basic site called Lord Tierman that does not have videos, but pictorial guides to other various knots and ties.

In terms of gags, I found a great blog entry on Leather. Bondage. Love about how to make the ideal duct tape gag. You won’t be disappointed. It does appear to be time consuming, but also very effective. Even I had no idea how detailed a good gag can be! And the model is pretty hot too. So it’s a win-win.

And one of the classics, which I bought way before the internet, is the book Jay Wiseman’s Erotic Bondage Handbook. A great read, and very educational.

If you’re meeting with a Dom for the first time, Fossil9 has some great pointers on his own blog posting.

* * *

A word of caution about practicing self-bondage: While most of us have started that way, it can be dangerous if you’re careless. Have safety scissors nearby at all times, and always have a way to access and use them. Don’t tie anything so tight that you begin to lose any circulation. This goes for any bondage, really. You should always be able to wriggle a finger or two into any tie.

In terms of what sort of stuff is out there, there’s a great BDSM checklist you can use here.

As far as places to get various bondage equipment and supplies, visit my Shopping page.


How can I get tied up by you?

Generally it helps to be in the Los Angeles area, although I do often travel. Keep in mind my schedule is often very limited–my work and relationship keep me very busy, and they come first in my life. So don’t take it personally if I can’t meet up with you.

I don’t care if you’re gay or straight. Your own personal experience level doesn’t really matter much to me. In fact, I particularly like working with newbies and those with very little experience to the scene. It gives me a bit of a thrill to see someone tied up for their first time. I can be gentle, demanding, or somewhere in-between, whatever is in your comfort zone. I tend to be Dom when meeting others; I would only sub for guys I know very well over time. I am still learning as a Dom, but am enjoying the journey, and I haven’t had many complaints from subs so far–and in fact, a few of them have come back for more.

A few rules I have about my meets:

  1. My BF and I have come to an agreement: I can meet with people for bondage/foot/gunge/slave play only as long as I tell him about it. Also, no oral or anal sex at all. You will not see me naked.
  2. If we do meet, I will take pics of our session. If you are concerned about identity, I can crop out your head, blur out features, or have you wear a hood or gag/mask combo. You will get to preview all pics before I post, so that you can have final say regarding identity. I won’t post any pic that makes you uncomfortable.
  3. Since I live with my BF, I can’t host, but I am willing to get a hotel if you can head my way. If I’m available, I can try to go to you if you can host.


I am selective about who I play with, and will probably want to chat/email with you for a while before actually meeting. I like twinks, feet, bondage, lycra, slaving, and/or humiliation are my favorites. I also enjoy tweeking a subs nipples, and am getting into the idea of being a tickler. But not a ticklee.


What are some of your favorite scenes you’ve done?  What would you do to me?

In terms of online slave play, Brett, SBS_justin, and Restwalker have been the hands down favorite. Not to mention the little “competition” I placed between the latter two.

In terms of real life play, I don’t honestly play that often outside of my BF. And if I do, there is no sex or nudity on my end. But that said, I’ve had a few memorable occasions in my past.

  • Ticklishguys a couple of times, once with a friend (here, here, and here).
  • John Locke (here and here)
  • A short meet with David
  • In the summer of 2013, I got to tie up Jordmac, as seen here, here, and here.
  • I did get to tie up one straight guy.
  • If you’re more into feet, I did have some fun feet play with a straight 20 year old with size 14 feet. Thought you’d be interested. 😉


But to be brutally honest… I don’t think of myself as an expert roper. Remember, pics you see of me bound here at my blog were done by my BF, who is more skilled at ropes than I. Which is one of the main reasons I prefer to work with beginners. That said, I do feel my work is improving.

If you want a small glimpse at my collection, I posted a set pics that comprise of my entire gag collection as of 2012.


Do you get permission from everyone when posting pics?

Only when posting a large set. If it’s just a single pic, I really don’t have the time. Not to mention the fact that it’s sometime difficult know where a pic originated from. But if I am finding a lot of pics from a single person that I like, I nearly always try to get their permission before posting. Sometimes accidents happen, but in all my years, I’ve only been asked to take down 2 pics since doing this blog. At this point, most guys are flattered when they find themselves posted here.

I have a more detailed response about this topic here.

Where can I find Superhero costumes/lycra?

I address this on my Shopping page.


What’s up with the advertising?

Over the years, I’ve found I do buy many products from a few sites. And I didn’t think it’d be a bad idea to support them. Yes, I do get a small percentage of the sale. But I try to only post infrequently, and only when I feel the sale is especially good, or for products I’m sincerely interested in, and therefore feel my blog readers would be in as well. Believe me, I’ve gotten offers from a few various gay, porn, and kink websites asking if I’d like to be an affiliate, and in the past, I’ve turned down many because I’ve either never used them, or don’t feel they’re a good fit for my blog. Now, though, they can find a home on my new Affiliates page.

But I, like most of you, don’t like to be hit in the head with advertising. So I’ve found a bit of a compromise. I will make sure they are never the top post of the day. I will always put them below the most recent post. That way, if you’re a daily viewer, you’d never even run into it unless you scrolled down far enough. Something as a little bonus to you daily viewers.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy seeing the sale or products that intrigue me, I have created a new label called shopping, so they can be grouped together separately.

All that said, if you do buy products from any of the sites I support, I would appreciate it if you got them through here. I did notice there have been a few purchases lately from a few of you readers, and I thank you for that. If you’d like to be one of them, visit my Shopping page. It’s a small, easy way to say thanks for all the work that I’ve put into the blog.

If you’d like to read my full, very detailed thoughts on this topic, go here.



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